When it comes to business, investing on what will be a relevant part of the service you offer becomes an important decision. If you're either an experienced massage therapist or a beginner, choosing the right massage table is key. At Massage Tables Pro we understand that, and we aim to giving you not only a great shopping experience but offer you a great customer service. How can we do that? By trying to answer as many questions or doubts regarding the massage tables we offer and how they might or might not suit you and your business. We'll give it a try in this FAQs section, but if there's anything else you might want to discuss on further detail, please don't hesitate on asking us via email, chat or phone. One of our team members will gladly help you out!

Which Massage Table is ideal for me?

Let's begin by reminding everyone that today want easier lives, and that means that they're expecting businesses to come towards them and not the other way around. What does this mean? Well, that if you offer a service such as a massage therapy, a lot of customers won't go out of their way to go to your spa, so you might want to go to their house or workplace and offer your service there. Especially if you're just starting out and need to either hustle or make a name for yourself.

That's why go beginners, or for masseuses offering home or workplace services, we recommend Portable Massage Tables. Their description says it all, they're portable, and that means they'll be generally lightweight and very easy to carry around. On top of that they represent a much cheaper investment than a stationary table. Furthermore, all the tables that we offer are of great quality and have had a very big approval from users. Oh, and last but not least, in 2014 the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) released results based on surveys where they showed that 59% of American massage therapists spend a portion of their time at customer's homes.

Nevertheless, if you have a massage spa, or are a more experienced massage therapist, we recommend making the investment and purchasing a stationary massage table. These are more expensive, but are more comfortable for your customers and have features that portable massage tables don't, for example: electric lift mechanisms. On top of that, imagine a massage spa consisting of portable massage tables, it loses that luxury touch that a customer might be looking for when coming out of his way to visit you. Remember that many customers expect a great quality service if they come towards you. This doesn't mean that portable tables aren't good, on the contrary, they are fantastic, but their counterparts, the stationary tables, are indeed an improvement.

At Massage Tables Pro we understand that it's not an easy choice, but what we can add is that you should analyze your business situation and the path you want to take with your business. We will supply you that massage tool you need to succeed!

Which brand is better?

Good and very valid question. Now, this depends mostly on your personal preference, it's very subjective. EarthLite tends to be one of the most popular brands, as it's widely known, it has been around for years, they have many styles and they have reasonable prices. However, we don't like to recommend one brand over any other, as we believe that all the brands we have in our collection are reliable, have  high quality, comfortable and very durable tables, and they're all worth considering. Of course, prices sometimes reflect the quality, so if you're going for a pricey portable massage table, you're looking at more high-end item, maybe made with better leather or easier to carry around. 

Nonetheless, less expensive tables, or even brands, are still of great quality. As we said, we offer only the best brands, so you can be sure you're buying good quality tables. It's up to you if you prefer this or that model, the brand, the look of the table, the feel of the leather. We have a great Buyer's Guide explaining the difference between the tables and styles, that might help you with your question, but overall all brands will most likely suit you.

Are the tables durable?

Absolutely. All of the tables and chairs we have are extremely durable and are manufactured by highly recognized and reliable brands. Some models even have lifetime warranty! That should answer your question :)

Do we sell Massage Supplies?

Yes we do! Take a look at our Massage Supplies section and you'll probably find what you're looking for. From roll-ons, to logins and aromatherapy supplies. We have a wide range of accessories that will enable you to offer a more gratifying experience.

Are there any General Maintenance Guides to follow?

There are a few maintenance tips we can give you. Portable massage tables tend to be made with either leather or synthetic leather. Obviously, it's highly recommended to use sheets on top of the tables, that way lotions or sweat won't be in direct contact with the leather. But in case something happened, clean the surface carefully with a towel or handkerchief, remove the oil or sweat, and make sure the surface remains dry.

Keep the surface of all the tables and chairs dry, especially with portable tables, keep them dry when storing them in the carrying bags. Also, make sure to follow the instructions on how to pack them properly. Basically, handle with care.

With the stationary tables, again handle with care, especially with the electric lifts, make sure not to make sudden changes in direction (when using the lift). 

Other than that, these are products that are incredibly durable and easy to take care of. As long as they remain dry, clean, and stored properly, they might even last an entire lifetime.

Are there any hidden costs like Shipping Costs?

No. We have no hidden costs, no shipping costs. What you see is the final price! For more detailed information visit our Shipping and Returns section. 

Do you offer any Warranties?

Depending on the brand and the model, the manufacturer does. Even if you bought them through us, you do apply for the warranties and can contact them either directly or through us. As to Price and Satisfaction Guarantees offered by us, visit the section.

Other Policies?

We do have other policies, such as Terms and Conditions, which you can also find in every product description, under the tab Terms and Conditions. We also have a Privacy Policy, and last but not least a Safe and Secure Shopping Policy!

Any other Questions?

Please don't hesitate on asking us anything else. Either send us an email at, write to us on the chat at the bottom right corner of the page and a team member will get back at you as soon as possible, or give us a call and a team member will gladly answer all of your questions as soon as possible.

We hope you have a great experience shopping with us!



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