Best Spas & Massage Businesses In North Dakota

best massage in north dakota

The State of North Dakota has a wide choice when it comes to spas and massage businesses. From day spas to therapists, massage studios and more, people have a lot of choices. Well, we narrowed them down to the ten best in the state. The list below doesn't have a particular order, it is simply a list of the ten best.

One Massage

One Massage is a massage studio owned by Andrea Grigsby, a certified massage therapist, with an additional certification in Ashiatsu, who specializes in orthopedic bodywork and massage. Andrea has gained an excellent reputation, firstly thanks to her customer service; she is an aware therapist, who tries to make everyone feel safe, welcome and especially comfortable with the therapies. Second, because she is a very talented therapist, managing to obtain the best results in her clients. 

The services she provides aren’t just the traditional massages; Andrea has a specialization in balancing and orthopedic massage for pain managements. This means that her therapies will more likely help clients relieve from pain. She offers exceptional deep tissue therapeutic massages, Ashiatsu, structural integration and customized therapies as to better treat her clients. For those looking for a therapist that will bring out great results one massage at a time, Andrea and her studio are the answer.

  • Address: 103 S. Third Street, Bismarck, ND 58501
  • Telephone: 701-741-7922
  • Website:
  • Open From: Book Online or by Phone


Elite Massage

Elite Massage is as the name suggests, an elite massage studio located in Fargo, North Dakota. Elite Massage is a studio owned by Shelle Hagen, a licensed massage therapist with the goal of providing the absolute best therapeutic massage treatments in all of Fargo, whilst at the same time caring for her clients. Since she opened the studio, it has grown into a practice with other therapists and a cosmetologist, where they provide excellent quality deep tissue massages and other services. Elite has one of the best customer services in the area, and their treatments are of the highest standards.

The therapies offered are Relaxation, Reiki, Pregnancy Massage, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, Medical Massage, Reflexology, as well as other treatments such as Hot Stone Facial, Body Waxing, Makeup, Cupping and more. As said before, this studio is truly an elite practice, with a wide variety of treatments and therapies to satisfy the needs of all clients. For those looking for excellence and comfort, Elite Massage is the best choice.

  • Address: 1121 Westrac Dr, Fargo, ND 58103
  • Telephone: 701-297-8191
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Open From: Book Online or by Phone


Wonderful Massage

Wonderful Massage is an excellent massage studio that specializes in Chinese acupressure. Besides the excellent treatments, the studio is well known for a very professional and aware customer service, as well as the nice studio decoration and atmosphere which helps clients relax and feel welcomed.

When it comes to the services provided, Chinese Acupressure is their specialty, but they also offer Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Sports Massage, as well as a fantastic Foot Massage which ahs earned them a great reputation. For those looking for an excellent massage, in a safe environment and under the hands of very talented therapists. Wonderful Massage is a great choice.

  • Address: 2400 10th Street SW, Suite 108, Minot, ND 58701
  • Telephone: 701-852-0732
  • Website:
  • Open From: Book Online or by Phone


Massage By Carla

Massage by Carla is a boutique studio owned by Carla Erickson, an experienced licensed massage therapist that specializes in providing therapeutic massage services, as to help clients relax and feel rejuvenated. Carla is well known for having great skills as well as an intuitive touch that has helped many clients in their goals to feel better.

The services provided by Carla include Relaxation, Trigger Point, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Pregnancy Massage, Hot Stone and Rain Drop Therapy. Her reasonable rates are another one of the reasons why clients come so often. The perfect mixture of a great therapist and good rates make her one of the best choices in the whole state.

  • Address: 1551 28th Ave, S, #G, Grand Folks, ND 58201
  • Telephone: 701-795-8900
  • Website:
  • Open From: Book Online or by Phone 


Reed’s Massage 

Reed’s Massage is a studio that provides relaxing and therapeutic massage services in Williston, North Dakota. The goal at reed’s is to treat clients as to help them relieve from stress, pain, or to recover from injuries. They offer a precise, soothing massage therapy that adapts to the specific body needs of the clients. The massage therapist is an extremely experienced and talented professional, with the touch to truly help every client.

The services provided include Swedish, Geriatric Massage, Hot Stone, pregnancy Massage, Deep Tissue and Sports Massage. The rates are affordable and competitive, but the quality of the massage has no price. For those looking to recover or feel better in a comfortable environment, Reed’s Massage is the place.

  • Address: 512 Main St, Williston, ND 58801
  • Telephone: 701-651-2073
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Open From: Mon-Fri 9am-3pm


Awesome Massage

Awesome Massage is a studio in Fargo committed to offering excellent massages that can help clients rejuvenate and relax. All of this at affordable prices. This locally owned and operated studio has been earning a reputation for a very good customer service, but especially for the great therapies it offers. The quality of each session is hard to find anywhere else. Clients are reviewing the studio as “offering the best massage”, and them feeling comfortable and safe during the whole session.

As to the services provided, at Awesome Massage clients can choose from Relaxation Massage, Deep Tissue, Medical Massage as well as customized sessions. For those looking for quality and high standards in their massages, Awesome Massage will guarantee them to leave satisfied.


Natasha Vogel LMT

Natasha Vogel is a licensed massage therapist that has over 5 years of experience. She decided to open her own studio after experienced in other practices, because she felt it was time to help others through her healing touch in her own welcoming, comfortable and nice space. Now, her reputation has been growing and clients recognize her as a talented, passionate and committed therapist that has truly helped them find relief.

The services that Natasha offers include Pregnancy Massage, Swedish, Therapeutic, Hot Stone and Warm Bamboo. Due to a previous injury, she does not offer deep tissue. However, this same injury has helped her learn, adapt and evolve into a creative, intuitive and even more skilled therapist.

Address: 300 2nd Ae, NE, Suite 203, Jamestown, ND

Telephone: 701-320-8398



Open From: Mon-Fri 9am-3pm


Relax A Little

Relax a Little is a massage studio owned by S. Spencer Redding a licensed massage therapist with an excellent set of skills, the experience and the passion required to perform his profession with excellence. Clients have been coming back thanks to the great customer service, but especially for the ethics, quality and comfort of the studio. With almost 15 years of experience, Spencer has helped numerous clients, and still believes that balance on all levels of being is essential to an optimal existence, and that can be achieved through massage. 

The services provided at Relax A Little include excellent rates, affordable and of high quality, on modalities such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, Lomi Lomi, and more. Those who are looking for an experienced, ethical and talented therapist, Relax a Little is the right place to go.

  • Address: 801 East Main Street, Bismarck, ND 58501
  • Telephone: 701-226-8577
  • Website:
  • Open From: Book online or by phone


Sweet Banana Spa

Sweet Banana Spa is a luxurious, comfortable but especially, excellent spa in North Dakota. The team of specialists at Sweet Banana is probably one of the best in the state, with Annette Rasile, a master esthetician, Jessica Leigh a licensed massage therapist, and Nykki Hebling a cosmetologist. The three of them provide an excellent customer service, besides offering fantastic treatments with the same kind of results. 

Clients feel safe, in the hands of the team, as well as impressed after every session. The service menu includes waxing, eyelash extensions, dermaplane and facials, skin growth removal, chemical peels, microderm, body wraps and massage therapies. The wide variety of services is one of the other reasons why the spa has gained such popularity. For anyone looking to treat or pamper themselves, Sweet Banana is the right place.

  • Address: 1402 25th St. S, Fargo, ND 58103
  • Telephone: 701-799-5909
  • Website:
  • Open From: Book online or by Phone 


Loosen Up Therapeutic Massage

Loosen Up is a professional massage studio located in West Fargo. Christopher Hapka, a certified and licensed massage therapist with over 5 years of experience, operates it. His mission is to help each client feel better and reach his or her wellness goals through providing excellent customer service and quality massage therapy. He has achieved a great reputation for keeping his word as to his mission, as well as for his ethics and passion.

The services provided at Loosen Up include Deep tissue, Sports Massage, Trigger Point, Pregnancy Massage, Relaxation massage, as well as customized sessions as to better fit the needs of each and every client. As said above, the mission of Chirstopher is to provide wellness through therapy, and he values the communication with clients as to reach such goal. For those looking for an ethical and talented therapist, this is the right studio to go to.

  • Address: 1150 Prairie Pkwy, #104, West Fargo, ND 58708
  • Telephone: 701-412-1978
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Open From: Book Online or by Phone


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