Best Spas & Massage Businesses in Arkansas

best massage in arkansas

The State of Arkansas has a wide choice when it comes to spas and massage businesses. From day spas to therapists, massage studios and more, people have a lot of choices. Well, we narrowed them down to the ten best in the state. The list below doesn't have a particular order, it is simply a list of the ten best.

New Moon Day Spa & Salon

The New Moon Day Spa & Salon is one of Arkansas most luxurious and fine wellness centers. Located at the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, the New Moon is like a private and hidden sanctuary. It is a spa where the experienced team will be able to give you a gratifying and warming welcome that will make you feel at home and at ease, and that’s before any treatment takes place.

You can then choose form the wide variety of personalized services the New Moon offers. You can choose form the Salon services: Manicures, Pedicures, Enhancements, Waxing and more. There’s also a Bridal service, with event planning, bridal salon services and much more.

However, we personally recommend the comfortable, relaxing and soothing spa services offered by the New Moon. Facials, body treatments, hot tub, sauna, and massage. The latter offering a choice between: Reflexology, Hot Stone, Deep Tissue, Aveda Chakra and more. Whatever you are looking for, you will most likely find it here, and you will be treated by experienced and highly trained professionals that will make you feel healed, refreshed and satisfied.

  • Address: 75 Prospect Avenue, Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632
  • Phone Number: 800-599-9772
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Open From: Sun-Thu 9am-6pm, Fri-Sat 9am-7pm


Spa Botanica

Spa Botanica is one of Arkansas’ higher-end spas. It’s location, inside the Embassy Suites by Hilton in Rogers, Arkansas, speaks about how luxurious, elegant and classy this spa is. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, despite being a high-end spa, the prices are competitive, and it is highly recommended for the value you get out of all their services.

At Spa Botanica they aim to offer their clients a personal oasis, a day of relaxation, mind restoration and to heal pain, stress and other problems clients may have. They offer both Salon and Spa services. The Salon services include: Nail care and Skin care for men, women and even teens. As to the Spa services, they include facials, exfoliations, seaweed wraps, mud wraps, nectar cactus wraps and spray tans. Then, there are the massages: Foot and Leg, Swedish, Pre Natal, Hot Stone, Aromatherapy, Deep Tissue, and more.

At Spa Botanica you will feel special, relaxed and serene, safe in a personal oasis. You will also find a range of services likely to accommodate your needs. By the end of any service session, you will feel relaxed, gratified and healed, plus you will want to come back. We highly recommend it if you are in town and want to have a day to pamper yourself.

  • Address: 3303 Pinnacle Hills Parkway, Rogers, AR 72758
  • Phone Number: 479-845-3293
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Open From: Mon-Fri 9am-8pm, Sat 8am-7pm, Sun 9am-5pm


Ava Bella Day Spa

Ava Bella is the type of Spa that has a certain effect on the clients the moment they step in. The elegant setting gives an air of class, but the cozy décor provides an atmosphere of serenity and tranquility, that helps every client feel impressed but relaxed at the same time. And then, after having experienced one of their services, everyone knows why they are one of the best spas in Arkansas, and even America.

Ava Bella Day Spa has been winning awards since 2006, for example the 2006 Democrat Gazette- Best Day Spa Runner Up, or the 2014 A-List Best Day Spa. They offer a wide range of treatments, nails, waxing, lashes, skin care and a good set of massage therapies. The massage therapies include: Healing Stones, Bamboo, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, TMJ, Prenatal and more.

Ava Bella Day Spa is one of those places that clients keep coming back to. It has a special atmosphere about it that truly helps clients feel at ease, and ready to experience a truly special treatment. The staff is highly experienced and trained, so each and every single client can leave the place happy, satisfied and healed.

  • Address: 301 N. Shackleford Road, Suite C3, Little Rock, AR 72211
  • Phone Number: 501-954-8888
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Open From: Mon-Fri 9am-9pm, Sat 9am-5pm


Thai-Me Spa

Thai-Me Spa has become a very popular spa in Arkansas, to the point that it now has two spas, both in Hot Springs, but one in Downtown and the other one in Highway South. Amy Thomas, a Licensed Massage Therapist with over 11 years of experience, and even 3 years experience as a Master Massage Therapist, who specializes in Medical Massage, Thai and Reflexology, owns these fantastic spas.

Besides giving you a background of the experience and professionalism of the owner, we can highly recommend both spas not only for the friendliness and warming touch of the team members, but the quality of the services received. Amy made sure that she learnt from cultures, and that her training allowed her to excel in her field, and that as she did, so did her spas. Now, their mission is to improve the quality of life of the clients through massage therapy and skin health.

They offer services in packages, custom massages, or traditional ones such as Deep Tissue, Swedish, Thai, Ashiatsu, Reflexology and more. At Thai-Me Spa all the professional therapists are trained and experienced to offer the clients a wide range of services that will help them heal and keep coming back for another unique experience.

  • Address: 1- 5001 Central Ave, Hot Springs, AR 71901, 2- 328 Central Avenue, Hot Springs, AR 71901
  • Phone Number: 1- 501-520-4772, 2- 501-623-2777
  • Website:
  • Open From: Mon-Sun 8:30 am-6pm


Suchness Spa Rituals

This is a very special kind of spa, Suchness Spa Rituals is, as they define themselves, a “place of transformation”. Located in Eureka Springs, this gorgeous spa will immediately impact customers with the atmosphere of calmness and relaxation, given out especially by so many natural elements present in the setting.

At Suchness Spa, they aim to heal and help their clients through the rituals of healing touch blended with nature and the spiritual nature that every therapist and client carries inside of them. Suchness Spa Rituals goes beyond the concept of mind-body wellness, as it seeks to evolve spirituality, to experience “suchness”.

The services offered are called Rituals, and they offer Feet and Hand rituals, facials, Chakra Lightwork Rituals (which is a more spiritual experience), Thai herbal Steam and Lotus Shower, and then more traditional massage therapies such as Head, Shoulder and Neck, Shiatsu, Lymphatic and more. At Suchness, each clients experiences a truly unique time, different from what other spas across America can offer.

  • Address: 83 Spring Street, Downtown Eureka Springs, AR
  • Phone Number: 479-253-2828
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Open From: Book online or by phone


Quapaw Baths & Spa

Quapaw Baths & Spa is not your traditional spa, but a very specialized one, that will impress any client, as well as allowing them to have a different experience, gratifying, relaxing and honestly, unique. This is a Hot Springs spa, with thermal waters to relax, blended with luxurious spa services, where pampering isn’t an option.

Quapaw Baths & Spa partnered with Jason international, Inc, to provide a special therapy called MicroSilk Hydrotherapy. The scope of this treatment is for clients to take advantage of oxygen-rich micro bubbles, which raise the levels of oxygen in the water by a 70%, helping clients (immersed in the water), have an effervescent sensation that work as a cleanser and deliver other amazing benefits to the skin, such as skin cell growth, and reduction of wrinkles.

At Quapaw they also offer more traditional spa services, such as Swedish Massage, Couples Massage, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Bamboo and Foot Massage. And obviously the possibility of relaxing and relieving the tension and stress in the comfort of the hot springs.

  • Address: 413 Central Avenue, Hot Springs National park, AR 71901
  • Phone Number: 501-609-9822
  • Website:
  • Open From: Mon 10am-6pm, Wed-Sun 10am-6pm


Rejuvenation Clinic Day Spa

The name says it all; this is a clinic and spa focused on rejuvenation treatments for the skin and the wellbeing of all its clients. It offers only top of the line treatments, from relaxing and soothing massages, to luxurious pedicures and manicures, cleansing and exfoliating facials, as well as body treatments that will make clients feel refreshed, and rejuvenated.

However, Rejuvenation Clinic Day Spa doesn’t stop there, as it’s also a high quality Med Spa. At the clinic, they offer medical-grade chemical peels, injections, laser treatments and more. All of this, of course, it’s done by experienced, trained and highly prepared physicians and registered nurses.

At Rejuvenation Clinic Day Spa clients can experience the highest quality of skin and body treatments, which are also innovative and safe. This is a place where clients come not only to relax, enjoy and pamper themselves, but to experience something unique, the possibility of leaving satisfied and rejuvenated.

  • Address: 11125 Arcade Drive, Ste G, little Rock AR 72212
  • Phone Number: 501-228-4545
  • Website:
  • Open From: Tues-Fri 9am-6pm, Sat 9am-5pm


Dream Spa & Massage

At Dream Spa & Massage they like to focus on their clients, and make them feel special and at home. They accomplish this through excellent communication before starting every session, so that they can make sure every single massage is customized to suit the clients’ needs. Then, every massage therapist at the spa is highly trained and very experience in different or less traditional techniques such as Thai and Chinese.

When it comes to their services, at Dram Spa & Massage clients can pick from therapies such as: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Thai, Couples and even Hydrotherapy. This last one is one of the icons of the spa, being an excellent therapy for stress relief, tension relief, muscle soreness and poor circulation. Hydrotherapy is a technique starting to gain momentum for it’s gratifying and healing effects, and at Dream Spa they have a wide experience offering it, so it’s a great place to try it.

They also have other treatments, such as body scrubs, reflexology and more. The biggest advantage is the affordable and very competitive prices, which will surprise you after you walk out and feel like a new person.

  • Address: 11601 N. Rodney Parham Road, Little Rock, AR
  • Phone Number: 501-228-4048
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Open From: Mon-Sun 10am-9:30 pm


Destinations Day Spa

This is a very special spa, owned by AJ Riggs, a Massage Therapist and Aesthetician with over 10 years of experience. She takes an immense pride on Destinations Day Spa, for which she worked hard and has seen grow since 2009 up until today in one of the best spas in the region. She has lead her staff into being compassionate, caring and very well trained, and clients notice the difference.

The Spa offers a wide variety of therapies, some come in packages. For example, they offer a 2-4-person package called the Shimmer, which includes a Salt Therapy Session, with Swedish, Facial and Foot Massage. Combinations of treatments that will change a person and make them feel completely new and special.

One of the most beautiful things about the spa, besides the incredible staff, is the decoration of the rooms. Each room is painted in different ways, with themes that give a special atmosphere, ideal for different therapies and different clients moods. For example, they have the Fire and Ice room, to energize the senses of clients, or the Galaxy Room, to help clients relax more. If you really want a special and unique experience, in the hands of caring professionals, Destinations Day Spa is a great place.

  • Address: 250 Cornerstone Boulevard, Hot Springs, AR 71913
  • Phone Number: 501-525-3400
  • Website:
  • Open From: Mon-Fri 9:30 am-5:30 pm, Sat 10am-5pm


Ablution Day Spa & Salon

Ablution is a luxurious and high-end spa and salon focused on giving both men and women a unique and gratifying experience. The moment any client steps into the place, they know they are in for something special, as the cozy decoration portrays elegance and style, blended with tranquility.

Ablution Day Spa & Salon offers a wide variety of traditional services, as well as more innovative and luxurious ones. The traditional services are Facials, Nail Treatments including Manicures and Pedicures, Hair Care, and Massage. The Massages offered are Ablution are wonderful, the massage tables and beds used, are extremely comfortable and clients easily lose track of time during a session. The different massage therapies include Hot Stone, Pre Natal, Sports, Reflexology, Neck & Shoulder, Scalp, Couples and more.

The innovative and luxurious treatments include Infrared Sauna, a special treatments that heats the entire body up to 1.5 inches beneath the skin, helping relieve pain. Then there’s the Mineral Bath, including the luxurious Salt Therapy, and the unique but healing Chromotherapy. Finally, they have an Ionic Foot Detox, which uses hydro-galvanic devices to cleanse the feet, and improve the immune system as well as decreasing arthritis.

  • Address: 4904 Central Ave, Suite A, Hot Springs, AR 71913
  • Phone Number: 501-5256450
  • Website:
  • Open From: Mon-Sat 9am-5pm


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