Why Include Hot Stone Massage Therapy In Your Business?

Why Include Hot Stone Massage Therapy In Your Business?

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If you are a massage therapist who has been going from a client’s house to another for years, and you finally took the step of opening you own spa or salon, then this article might be for you. Have you reached that stage in which you want to upgrade? Move up and try to not only challenge yourself, but also offer something new to the clients?

In the world of massage there are endless therapies, techniques and possibilities. Many have tried before the hot stone massage, maybe you are one of them. No matter if you have or haven’t, these are a type of massage that clients love, and it will give you and your business that extra mark in the clients’ minds.

At Massage Table Pro we would like to give you a quick overview of why hot stone massages are a therapy you should really practice. 

As a massage therapist your goal is to use different techniques to relax the muscles of the body, one of those techniques can be hot stone massage therapy.

As you may know, nothing changes; you simply perform your normal therapy, but add the use of hot stones on specific parts of the client’s body.

Such areas are:

  • The back
  • The stomach
  • The face
  • The hands
  • The feet

Now, the big thing about hot stones is that they bring a lot of benefits for clients; they are extra value for them during the therapy. The stones used in massage therapies 60 Piece Hot Stone Massage Set at Massage Tables proare normally made out of the volcanic rock called basalt, as these stones retain much more heat than a common stone, you can take a look at some of the sets we have for sale here to have an idea of what they look like and their cost. This is a therapy that originated in China over 2000 years ago and it keeps going strong.


Benefits of Hot Stone Massage Therapy

Now let’s take a look at the benefits this therapies brings:

Pain Relief

Hot Stones have been known for helping reduce pain in the areas of the body they are applied, like common massages. However, they help more with conditions such as fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis. The stone ease the pain much more than a traditional massage.


Stress Relief

The Hot stones applied to an area where there’s accumulated stress, and then stroking, or doing circular motions on the area, will relieve the clients of much more stress compared to if the stone wasn’t used.


They Help Promote Sleep

Don’t be surprised if suddenly your client falls asleep on your massage table during the therapy. After all, different studies around time have found that massages with hot stones applied, have helped people fall asleep faster and feel more energetic when they wake up.


Improves Circulation

The moment the hot stones are placed on a part of the body, the heat will penetrate into your client’s body, into the tissues and eventually into the blood vessels, opening them. This improves the blood flow circulation, which is known to also reduce pain, aches and tension.


Hot Stone Therapy May Boost Immune Systems

Based on a 2010 study by the NCCIH) National Center for the Complementary and Integrative Health), a single session of Swedish massage therapy (which includes hot stones), had a very positive effect on immunity.

At Massage Tables Pro we think Hot Stone Massage Therapy isn’t only beneficial for clients and everyone that tries it, but also for your business. We sell a lot of hot stone packages from Master Massage and Custom Craftworks, that alongside your portable massage table they can create an on the go spa experience for clients. Or if you already handle a spa or a salon, place your clients on your comfortable stationary massage table, apply the hot stone therapy, and see them get all the benefits they deserve.


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