What Massage Table should you get?

What Massage Table should you get?

Massage therapists all over the United States come into our website looking for massage tables, and then they find portable massage tables, stationary massage tables, portable massage chairs and other massage supplies. A lot of products, different brand, models, options. It can all lead to a headache, and coming from the health and relaxation industry the last think we want is to cause stress, headaches or anxiety.

That’s why we are going to help you choose.

Let’s begin by breaking down the massage tables into the two categories: Stationary or Portable.

Portable Massage Tables 

Portable massage tables are cheaper and obviously portable, they can be taken anywhere. The first question you should ask yourself is: what type of therapist are you? Or where do you plan to begin? 

First, let’s look at some of the main features that you MUST look for in portable massage tables:

  • Weight- You don’t want to be carrying around 40 pounds of weight everywhere and be the one needing a massage
  • Carrying Case - Does the table include one? You might need it to avoid scratches, or getting dust or dirty, plus it makes it easier to move around
  • Upholstery- If possible, buy one with leather or Polyurethane upholstery, easier to clean, last longer
  • Memory Foam- Foam is an issue in many tables, portable or stationary. Memory foam is the best there is
  • Strong, steady frame- Whether it’s aluminum or wood, make sure to ask if the frame is considered strong and steady, this is key
  • How much weight it supports- This sometimes is irrelevant, as some tables support much more than what you need, but it can still be relevant to measure the strength of the table and the frame

If you’re just a beginner, trying to find your feet in the massage industry, or making a name for yourself, you’re better off with a portable massage table, and why not a cheap model. The truth is that seasoned businessman will always tell you: “Invest once you’re making some money”. Basically, until you get a few regular clients, there’s no need to splash the cash on the best table in the market. Get a good, reliable, comfortable and durable model that you can afford. Later on, move into the higher-end tables.

Some good cheap options are: The 2n1 Nirvana Massage Table, Master Massage Fairlane TT Portable Massage Table, or the Midas Standard Portable Massage Table.

If you’re a seasoned but still a massage therapist on the go, a better, more luxurious and better quality portable massage table is your best option. Portable tables might not last as long as stationary tables, but you can’t really get a stationary massage table unless you receive your customers at your spa or salon, or at home. If you have to go to their house, or meet them at the beach or at resorts, then you’ll still have to carry a table around. 


Master Massage Bel Air Portable Massage Table - Massage Tables Pro

Nonetheless, you’ve been in the business for a while and you want a model that’s comfortable, that clients will enjoy more and that lasts longer. Many tables come with an unsteady frame, they even break with heavier clients, or maybe the foam gets damaged after a bit, the upholstery isn’t very good, etc.

Pisces Productions makes some of the best portable massage tables in the market. They’re a smaller manufacturer, which means they take care of each an every single item they produce. You can be certain, that although you pay a bit more, these tables are reliable, durable and very innovative, as they all have something extra here and there to make your life easier.

Stationary Massage Tables

Stationary Massage Tables are normally designed for spas, salons or massage therapists receiving clients in their studio, home or workplace. They are generally more expensive, heavier, but at the same time more comfortable and last much longer. Plus, they include some useful features.

Let’s take a look at the features you should consider before buying a stationary massage table:

  • Electric or not- This is key, if it’s an electric table then the lift mechanics, or height adjustments can all be done by simply pushing a button. Life easier for you, and it looks more luxurious in the eyes of clients
  • Materials- Since they’re more expensive, expect better materials, such as leather upholsteries, stronger bases made of maple wood or better metals than aluminum. Remember, you’re investing, make sure you invest in the best of the best
  • Flexible back and footrest- this is key for a table to be multipurpose. If you own a spa r salon and perform other therapies such as pedicures, or if you simply want to offer your client a better treatment, buy tables with flexible backrest and footrest. More dynamic, better overall.
  • Storing compartments- The higher end models of stationary massage tables, include some compartments to store things, like towels or tools, in cabinets in their bases. Great feature.

If you’re planning on buying a stationary massage table, you also need to ask yourself what kind of business you’re running. Do you offer only massage therapies? Do you run a spa that has other treatments such as facial, pedicure or other?

If your answer is only massage therapy, Master Massage and MT Massage are your best option. They have reliable, comfortable and durable tables for a fair price. If you offer all sorts of therapies, and have a higher-end salon or look to grow and improve your business, Touch America and USA Spa and Salon are your best options. They have incredible tables, for all needs, that will leave your clients speechless.

Now, just to wrap it up. If you have any questions regarding our products, brands, the difference in features between a table or another, please contact us. Write an email, use the chat box on the bottom right corner of the website, or simply give us a call, a support team member will get back at you as soon as possible.

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