What Is Reiki And What Are Its Benefits

What Is Reiki And What Are Its Benefits

Healing Reiki Technique

As a massage therapist is probably common to hear a lot about “Reiki Massage”, either form clients or other therapists that have started to try it out. It has become more popular, and it there is a reason about it.

Reiki is actually a healing practice, that unlike massage, it has only been around for nearly 100 years. It was invented in 1922 by the Japanese doctor and Buddist Mikao Usui. He passed his knowledge into 16 Reiki Masters, and since then it has slowly gained momentum.


What does it consist on?

Reiki is a Japanese art of healing, with the purpose of increasing and freeing the unbalanced energy flow in the human body. Similar to massage, it looks to create a feeling of well being in the client. Traditionally, in a massage therapy the client will afterwards feel invigorated and reenergized, since the therapist manipulated the muscles to increase the oxygen and blood flow as well as loosening muscles and releasing anxiety.

Reiki differs in a few things, the main one consisting in just touching certain parts of the body. Sometimes it doesn’t even touch the client, but the healer or therapist will place the hands close to the body part, using a special hand position. There are 12 to 20 hand positions that can be used depending on the training tradition.

And so Reiki instead of being like a traditional massage that has a more powerful contact with the body muscles, it is gentler, through smaller contact and focusing more on energy flow.

Nowadays there are more massage therapists using Reiki as a healing technique. The biggest difference is that to become a massage therapist one has to become licensed through a state board, something not currently obligatory to become a Reiki practitioner. Although a few Reiki boards have been asking to be more controlled and better teach their practices. What’s important to know is that they are complimentary, and a massage therapist can apply it as one of the treatments they offer.

Benefits of Reiki

Benefits of Reiki

Focusing in the energy of the body, Reiki looks to help the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state of the clients. Through gentler contacts and the hand positions, Reiki looks to improve the well-being of the clients, eventually reducing stress, anxiety, tension but at the same time increasing positive energy flow, generating mental clarity and spiritual well-being. It heals mind, body and spirit. And to do that, it needs the right working space, from a room where the healer and client can feel focused, to the right massage table. You can take a look at some of our Reiki massage tables here.

Now, the benefits are many, but we will focus on the most important ones.


Stress Reduction

Reiki has the great healing benefit of reducing stress and relaxing the body. The healer will address the issue by focusing on areas of the body that seem to accumulate much stress. Through the therapy, the energy will be released and afterwards the client will have more regular hearth rhythms, have a better mood, a better sleep, and overall all the benefits from stress reduction.


Balance of Mind and Emotions

A common Reiki healing therapy looks to distribute and increase the flow of positive energy in the body. Once the body is filling itself up with positive energy and releasing the negative one, it will be more balanced. This affects both mind and body, that will feel more connected, and as a consequence clients will have e better mood, feel less frustration, fear, anger or irritation.


Helps Grieving

It might sounds incredible or unbelievable, but the Japanese culture and older Reiki Masters believe that Reiki treatments help in the grieving process. It is such a strong therapy, that if a person ahs been grieving recently, they might even cry, or simply feel like they are letting go. Testimonies of healers have proved that after Reiki sessions, they have seen incredible reactions in clients.


Reiki Relieves Pain

A Reiki session, just like a massage session, can relieve from a lot of pain It manipulates the body in a very different way, but it still manages to relieve migraines, arthritis, pains in the sciatica, and other muscle pains.


Increases Mobility

Related to the pain relief, Reiki can also increase mobility. Just as massage or chiropractic therapies do, Reiki ahs helped alleviate wrist and shoulder pains, leading to a better mobility in both areas.


Helps with Spiritual Growth

This is one of the favorites of many Reiki healers, the spiritual growth. A lot of clients come for Reiki sessions in order to change their energies, have a flow of positive energy through their bodies, clear their mind, have positive thoughts, a more balanced and stronger connection between mind and body, and eventually achieve spiritual growth. Reiki follows on healing the mind and the spirit, and people can feel it, both the healer and the person treated, and there’s nothing more gratifying than a positive effect on another spirit.


If you haven’t tried a Reiki healing session, we highly recommend it. If you are considering in starting to implement it, we also highly recommend it. As a matter of fact, we sell more then one model of massage table that comes with Reiki panels, and allows you to perform a better Reiki healing session. For example, we offer the Athena Portable Massage Table, with Reiki panels, which you can buy here. Otherwise, another great Reiki table is the Dharma Super Lite by Nirvana, which you can view here. Finally, this is another Reiki massage table, the Carlyle foldable massage table by Master Massage.

We hope that this article helped you take a closer look into Reiki therapy, or simply have a better idea of what it is and what it consists on. Hopefully you will now decide to either try it as a client or as a healer.




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