What Are The Benefits Of A Pipeless Pedicure Chair?

What Are The Benefits Of A Pipeless Pedicure Chair?

Pipeless Pedicure Chairs are essentially a product that will save you time, space, headaches, and even money.

What are they?

Simple. These are pedicure chairs with no pipes involved. Most of the modern pedicure chairs are now pipeless, but some still require plumbing.

The perfect combination is therefore those pedi-chairs that don’t need any sort of plumbing, or pipes, they only need a water basin, bowl or recipient that can be easily filled up in a sink, and then cleaned out the same way. 

Let’s start by looking at the different benefits:


Pipeless Pedicure Chairs Save You Time:

Pipes and plumbing mean you’ll likely need a contractor of some sort to install things properly, as to get a normal pedi station.

With these pedi-chairs you won’t need any drainage or water supply installed, or even used. All you got to do is quickly fill the basin in the sink, and then after you finished the session or treatment, throw the dirty water in the same sink.

Then you quickly clean both the basin and sink and you’re done. It’s a matter of just a few minutes. Whilst with plumbing and pipes, it would’ve needed a lot of time to prepare your facility.


Save You Space:

Pipeless pedicure chairs such as the Lumina by USA Salon & Spa, tend to be portable or mobile. They come with wheels in the bottom, as well as offering some features to make them more compact, so they can be moved around at your convenience.

pipeless pedicure chairs save you space

This means you won’t have fixed pedistations, but rather the possibility of accommodating your guests where it’s better for you in your salon.


Save You Money & Headaches:

This is probably the easiest and most logical benefit. You will save yourself thousands of dollars by getting incredibly comfortable chairs, for at least one third of the price, and without doing any work in your venue.

lumina pipeless pedi-station

No need to hire contractors, no need for any complicated work that can even potentially damage other equipment in your spa or salon. 


All you do is purchase yours, and as a result you will start doing pedis for your clients in just a few days, same comfort, less than half the price.


Wrapping Up:

If you’re looking at a pipeless and plumbless pedi chair, then don’t think about it much more. Taking the leap will be a good decision, as they’re simple to operate, and as mentioned above, offer a great number of benefits.

As to which one to get, we can recommend the Lumina Pipeless Pedicure Chair by USA Salon & Spa. The price, quality, design and comfort that this model offers, is frankly great.

lumina pedicure chair for salons

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