The Best Lightweight Massage Tables

The Best Lightweight Massage Tables

Ultra light massage tables are one of the most sought out portable tables by massage therapists.

The amount of benefits, or upsides these lightweight foldable tables have are many, and any MT can quickly recognize them, especially if they have to dal with out calls or shared work spaces.

With this 2018 Black Friday and Cyber Monday right around the corner, it can be a good idea to take a look at four specific lightweight folding massage tables that can help out any specialist.


Nirvana Dharma Super Lite Massage Table Package

This is the first one in the list, but not necessarily the best one. There are no best or worse, simply different styles and characteristics.

 nirvana dharma super lite ultra light portable massage table package

That said, the Dharma is the most reviewed massage table we have at Massage Tables Pro, since it’s one of the best sellers. Numerous MTs can vouch for how sturdy, stable and strong it is, despite being incredibly light.

This fold up table is made of aluminum, with a comfortable 3” thick foam, covered by a high quality upholstery backed with a 5 year warranty.

The Dharma comes in two sizes, 28” wide and 30” wide. The first one weighing 23.8” and the latter weighing only 25.2”. Nonetheless, this unit can support 450 lbs of working weight and still remain sturdy and steady, guaranteeing you a good session even with bigger or heavier guests.

The table comes in a package including a headrest, sling arm support, a carrying case and the Nirvana Mate, which is a breast recess bolster.

As some other therapists have said: “I love this table it is really light and much easier to carry. It made my life as a travelling massage therapist much easier.”


Pisces Pro New Wave Lite II

The Pisces Pro New Wave Lite II is also an aluminum portable massage table, which is super light and weighs only 23.5 lbs.

pisces pro new wave lite II lightest portable massage table 

The table itself is 29” wide, 73” long, and has an adjustable height from 24 to 33 inches. It’s greatest asset is the fact it can hold a weight of 500 lbs.

As most of Pisces Pro products, the quality is one of the highest in the American market. We’re looking at a table assembled on order that has rounded corners as well as nylon washers and bushings at all joints. This means more strength, less friction and more stability.

You’re looking at one of those tables that will likely last you forever. And moving it around will be a breeze when compared to other heavier tables.

Master Massage Stratomaster Air Portable Massage Table

The Stratomaster Air is one of our personal favorites not only due to the ultra light structure, but for the sleek and elegant design.

This table is made by Master Massage, a household name in the massage table business.

stratomaster air portable massage table

It comes in a classy black aluminum frame and leather upholstery. The padding is made of 3” multi-layer cell foam, one of the most comfortable in the market.

Add to that the fact that despite being 30” wide and 72.5” long, it weighs ONLY 25 lbs and can support up to 750 lbs of weight! That’s fantastic for such a lightweight foldable table. 

Despite being one of the lightest tables in the market, it’s still very strong and stable. It has an auto-lock leg system, which makes the setup a piece of cake, and well, it gives a much-needed extra stability.

Master Massage Calypso Portable Massage Table

The Calypso is one of our best sellers, as well as being as one of the best-recognized portable massage tables by Master Massage.

The Calypso comes in a wide range of colors: Green, Blue, Purple and Mushroom, giving you a good room for choice.

ultra light portable massage table

The table itself, not only is it extremely lightweight, weighing only 25 lbs, with a width of 30”, but it can also hold up to 750 lbs of working weight.

Some of the best features include the comfortable padding, which is 3” thick, but also the Big Foot leg platforms, which will allow you to set up this table anywhere, even next to a sports field. 

As a matter of fact, is one of our recommended models for Sports Massage Therapy. 

Finally, it comes with a carrying case as well as an adjustable face rest with a cushion.

Wrapping Up

Just to wrap up this short blog post, we invite you to call us or email us if you have any questions. Our Toll Free is: 888-308-4118 and our email is

Finding the right lightweight portable massage table can be a tough and exhausting job. It’s not easy to find the right model that will fit your needs, from outcalls, to shared work spaces, to dealing with heavy clients, or uneven surfaces.

We want to help you out by providing you the 4 best models that we have in stock, and that we know, either by reviews or by personal experience, that these ultra light portable massage tables outperform most of the others in the market.

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