Prone Position For Massage Therapy - What To Know

Prone Position For Massage Therapy - What To Know

In past blog posts we have talked about Peak Positioning and what it is.

Just to make a very brief introduction, “Peak Positioning” is a program designed by Nirvana Massage, in order to help massage therapists and other wellness practitioners, offer the adequate or right positioning to their guests during their therapies.

The goal of this particular program, is for clients to undergo better sessions and therefore achieve much better results from their treatments or therapies. Peak Positioning studies, amongst different positions, Prone Position, which is the most challenging to work on for an MT.

On a flat table the prone position needs some adjustment. It’s idea to have some room or space to offer relief for the client’s chest’s soft tissue, as well as for the MT to reach the area if needed.

The Nirvana 2n1 Massage Table has the advantage of you being able to remove the insert, where the client has a relief for the soft tissue in the chest, which gives relaxation in the upper thoraxic region.

2n1 nirvana massage table ideal for prone position

Eventually, thanks to that relaxation and the removal of the insert, which can also happen in other massage tables, a neutral posture can be obtained. However, bear in mind that a postural variation in the cervical are can happen due to the traditional head rests.


Well, neutral headrests don’t support a neutral spine. Many times the head can fall through the face cradle, and when you apply pressure in the back it is worse for the cervical area.

This is one of the points to keep an eye on if you’re following the Peak Positioning Protocol.

A good option to avoid this problem is the Ergo Fix, as to act as a safety for the forehead, so that there won’t be hyperextension in the neck.

Ways To Correct The Guest’s Position During Prone

Many therapists adjust the headrest in various positions, but that creates a lot of pressure in the sinus, or a bad position for the spine.

Thankfully, with the Body Wedges positioned in the hips, you can add support for the lower back, or you can push the wedges further in depending on the client as to relieve the pressure in the hips and lower back too.

In some cases you’ll need to support the ribs too with another set of wedges, easing even more the tension or pressure, and of course, adjusting the client’s position as to get them to a neutral one even during prone.

That way, when you apply pressure on the back, there will be no pressure on the soft tissue.

Add also a bolster underneath the ankles, remembering that the key is to maintain a neutral position, since the prone needs head and neck in neutral position.

Following all the tips above:

  1. Pressure is OFF the soft tissue in chest and abdomen.
  2. Body is supported by boney structure with the support of the wedges, and the client is comfortable and ankles are supported too.

Wrapping It Up

Remember, many times clients will not say that they are uncomfortable in prone position, and will actually think it is a price to pay for the massage they’re receiving.

Yet, that shouldn’t be the case, and as a wellness professional, it’s your responsibility to make sure they’re comfortable and receiving the best possible treatment.

Support in the prone position is NOT only for women. Men and women need ergonomic support.

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