CranioSacral Therapy - Benefits Can Fight Against The Skepticisms

CranioSacral Therapy - Benefits Can Fight Against The Skepticisms

benefits of craniosacral therapy

CranioSacral Therapy is a common practice that many therapists include in their service menu. Recently, it has become more and more popular amongst clients to go to studios or spas, or MTs that offer it. The reason being that this form of bodywork manipulates the synarthrodial joints of the cranium, regulating the flow of the cerebrospinal fluid, and helping in primary respiration.

In more basic terms, CranioSacral therapy has had excellent effects in stress, tension and pain relief for many clients. Hence why it has grown in popularity. However, it’s not just stress relief or gently touching areas of the head, CranioSacral is much more than that.

Before we jump into the benefits, criticism and such, it is important to remind the readers that CranioSacral Therapy isn’t just something that anyone can practice. It requires training and preferably a Certification. In the States, better if the certification comes from recognized institutes such as the Upledger Institute, or the American CranioSacral Therapy Association.


Equipment For CranioSacral

The right environment, atmosphere and working space are required as to achieve optimal results with such therapy. Being such a delicate, but at the same time relaxing therapy, CST require the right set up and working conditions.

The client will be lying upwards on a comfortable massage table. Since the head or cranium is going to be the massaged area, and as you will se below the spine is such an important body part in the therapy, a sturdy, steady and strong table are required. If you are interested in sturdy portable massage tables, you can Buy One Here.


The client is to be fully clothed as to avoid any uncomfortable situations and allow him or her to fully relax. The headrest must also be at the right height and angle, so that the head is comfortable and perfectly aligned with neck and back, and to a good hand reach for the MT. You can find Adjustable Head Rests Here.

Finally, before jumping into the benefits, remember having a soothing and relaxing environment, even better if a quiet one, as to the client to fully relax.


Benefits Of CranioSacral

Despite there being multiple thoughts, opinions and therapies for and against CST, we decided to come forward with this article highlighting the benefits of the therapy. It is true that there aren’t any scientific proofs that it can help with conditions such as cancer, or that the bones of the cranium are actually being moved, however, it is no secret either that clients have experienced very positive effects. So it’s time to look at these.

Reduce Pain

The first and most obvious, CST reduces pain, even chronic pain. As the therapist applies a gentle touch to the cranium, the cerebrospinal fluid is boosted, or stimulated as to move, and this optimizes the brain as to cleanse itself from harmful substances. This way, it will release toxins, or cleanse itself from them, as to decrease the levels of pain, stress and tension.

This is the most common result, and probably the one, which clients can claim they have actually felt the effects. There cannot be suggestions against this obvious and at the same time great benefit.

Improved Immune System

Alongside the pain alleviation due to toxin reduction, CranioSacral Therapy will help improve or boost the immune system. The bra fluids moving and cleansing the brain itself from toxins will have the desired effect of improving the system’s immunity. As a result, although after a longer time, clients will see an improvement in their health.

Improved Relaxation

This might not be a benefit for some, but the truth is that it is. Many clients go seeking for MTs with the sole purpose of feeling more relaxed, serene, at ease. They are stressed or have had a tough week, and the moment they lie down on the massage table and get CranioSacral Therapy, they are feeling better.

craniosacral therapy

The gentle touch of the massage therapist on the cranium, with the soothing movements, can help a lot get the client on a much more relaxed state, sometimes even dozing off. For many clients, that is their main goal in the session.

Helps With Spinal Column And Nerve Problems

From herniated discs to scoliosis, or nerve root entrapment, CST helps in the correction of connective tissue restrictive patterns of the musculoskeletal system. Pretty much what is does is lessen the adverse trauma or burdens of bone structures, improving imbalances or distortions both in the column as in the nerves. The connective tissues improve too, connecting in layers that surround the spinal cord and its nerves, as to decrease or reduce the stress generated from the neurological system.

Overall, the spinal column and the nerves are benefitted from CST, and it is no surprise that many therapists will also apply some pressure on the spinal cord as part of CST.

Nervous System Conditions Or Disorders

CranioSacral is a very common therapy, recommended too, for those who suffer from dizziness, high blood pleasure and constipation. These are commonly a consequence of a nervous system disorder, and since CST helps with the nervous system, it will help with such disorders. It helps lessen the soft tissue burden, decreasing the disturbing signals to the neurological system. Then, by helping the spinal cord too, it instead increases the autonomic signaling in the nervous system, as to improve its integration and overall signaling. As a result, conditions such a dizziness and constipation are reduced!

Despite being heavily criticized as a practice, CST is gaining popularity and recognition. Maybe in the future it will stop being called a pseudoscience. In the meantime, therapists and clients can know that the main goal, relaxation, is an absolute and undeniable benefit.

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