What To Buy? The Dharma Super Lite Or The Calypso Massage Table?

What To Buy? The Dharma Super Lite Or The Calypso Massage Table?


The Dharma Super Lite Portable Massage Table by Nirvana and the Calypso Portable Massage Table by Master Massage are two of our best sellers, as well as two of the most viewed massage tables in our website.

The reason why is simple, these are both excellent tables, that are lightweight, with a strong and durable aluminum frame and from two of the best brands in the market.

However, many customers and people ask us which one should they buy. We don’t really want to take any sides, so we decided to write this blog post with the simple scope of comparing two of the mist lightweight and professional portable massage tables out there, so that you can then make the decision on your own.


Let’s start with the Dharma Super Lite:

The Dharma is the lightest portable massage table we have seen, weighing only 23 pounds for a 28-inch width. You can choose to buy the 30-inch wide option, and still it only weighs 24.5 pounds. That is incredible impressive, judging the table itself can support a weight of 450 pounds.

The frame is made of aluminum, with an adjustable height going from 24 inches to 32 inches, a good range for those massage therapists that are a bit shorter.

nirvana dharma super lite portable massage table package for sale

Now, the table itself has some other interesting features. For example, it comes with a 3-inch thick table top, which adds a lot of comfort for all clients. The legs use a push button for the height adjustment, and they are incredible sturdy. As a matter of fact, this table is constantly reviewed as one of the best and most stable out there.

Other additional features to consider are the Reiki End Plates for those therapists whom offer that modality, as well as 5 Year Warranty, something really hard to find. It comes in blue, black or burgundy.

Finally, at the moment the table is being sold in a package, which includes (and will always include) an arm support, a carrying case and an adjustable face rest. However, the real addition is the Nirvana Mate, a patented breast recess bolster that by itself costs over $100, but in this package it is included for free.

The Calypso Portable Massage Table by Master Massage:

The Calypso is one of the best portable massage tables in the market, a best seller by Master Massage and us. It is not a surprise; this is a very well built table, which is also extremely lightweight, hence why often compared to the Dharma.

The Calypso is 30 inches wide and it weighs only 25 pounds. Another outstandingly light foldable table, with the difference that it can hold up to 750 pounds, making it even heavy duty. Now, we should all know that the working capacity is always subjective, nonetheless, Master Massage is known for staying quite truthful to their stats.

master massage calypso portable massage table package

As to the rest of the table, it is also made of aluminum, with an auto-lock leg system, which sets up in seconds and guarantees more sturdiness and stability. The legs have a patented Big Foot platform, which allow you to set it up easily in other places such as gardens.

It has also, a 3-inch thick tabletop, extremely comfortable, and covered by an oil and water resistant upholstery. The Calypso comes in Green, Blue, Purple or Mushroom, it also has Reiki End Plates, and it comes in a package. The package includes a leg bolster, 75-pack disposable face covers, a carrying case, an adjustable face cradle, and the Big Foot Leg platforms.

What's The Difference?

It can all come down to the price, which is a difference of $85, a considerable one.

The tables themselves aren’t that much different. The Calypso is a bit stronger and can hold more weight, however, it is a bit heavier and doesn’t come with the Breast Recess or the Nirvana Mate.

Nevertheless, the Calypso does have the Big Foot platforms, includes also a leg bolster and a very handy auto-lock leg feature in the legs, which guarantees that stability you might need.

In conclusion, both are excellent portable massage tables. If you are looking for lightweight and a better price, the Dharma is for you, but if you want a fold up table, also light but with more strength, the Calypso should be your choice!


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