Starting Your Own Massage Business? Consider Chair Massage Therapy - Benefits For You And Clients

Starting Your Own Massage Business? Consider Chair Massage Therapy - Benefits For You And Clients

corporate chair massage therapy, a great way to grow your clientele

As Massage Therapists, maybe some of us have tried different experiences, from working at a studio under good and bad management, to trying our entrepreneur venture that started with a lot of “hustling” until a good client list took shape. It’s a “long game” when it comes to the working for ourselves, it’s like that in pretty much any industry.

Many MTs choose to leave a practice/wellness center or studio and try to make outcalls before starting their own practice. However, getting a steady clientele takes time, and as many of you may know, a great strategy or way of making money is offering Chair Massage Therapies.

In this article we will take a look at why Chair Massage Therapy can be a very clever form of business for MTs looking to start their “own boss life”, as well as looking at the benefits for your clients, so stick around!


Why Offering Chair Massage Therapy Is A Good Idea?

Let’s start with the basics. Time in money in the entrepreneur world. If you listen to many of the big names in business and finance, they always tell you to make every second count, be efficient, and to value your time.

Making The Best Of Time

If you offer traditional table massage therapies, then you might get paid more for one session, compared to chair session. However, truth is that table therapies tend to last one hour, whilst chair therapies last around 20 minutes.

But if I don’t even have many clients, isn’t it better to offer a one-hour massage for more money than a 20 minute one? Fair question.

Not really though. A lot of people, especially during the week or during working hours, don’t have time to schedule a massage for an hour, but they do have 20 minutes. Therefore, if you target workplaces, you might reach an agreement, and offer 20 minute massages to corporate workers. Trust me, this works; it has worked for many others and me. And it will still work, as if it’s not corporate employees, it can be anyone that simply has 20 minutes off, and who doesn’t?


Cost Of Session

This goes hand in hand with the time management. Not only is it easier for someone to schedule a 20 minute massage, but it’s cheaper. That’s why a lot of people will prefer to schedule the chair massage therapies. Shorter, more affordable, and this leads us to our third point: more comfortable.



Not only are they more comfortable due to the fact that they are shorter and cheaper, but because a client won’t have to undress at all, hence the session can take place in an office or workspace, and they don’t have to lay down. You’d be surprised to know how many people prefer not having to lie down completely, and would rather seat, not to mention how not taking clothes off makes an enormous difference.


Easier Logistics

A Portable massage Chair weighs much less than any portable table. They weigh between 15 and 20 lbs, and that’s pushing it (if you are looking for a massage chair, take a look at our collection here). A table won’t go below 25 lbs. You save yourself energy in transportation. They are also smaller or more compact, so they’re easier to handle and move around, plus setting them up is pretty straightforward.

The second logistics point was briefly mentioned above when I suggested offering corporate chair massage. Since no one takes their clothes off, they only have to seat down, the overall space you take is smaller than if you had a table.

It's easier to set up a massage chair in an office, than a massage table

This means you can set yourself up at an office cubicle, even in a hallway if it was wide enough. It’s not hard to find a space to offer the session, and so as its much easier to logistically set everything up, you are more likely to find many different job opportunities. 



Build A Clientele Faster

Be clever. Let’s say that you get an opportunity to offer your chair therapy at a few companies or offices, you get to treat various employees of the workplace, and it might be a workplace not far from where you live. Take cards with you, be friendly, not intrusive but friendly, and market yourself.

After each session, hand out a card, promote yourself somehow, tell them you do call-outs, or that you work after office hours, or on Saturdays. From all the people you worked with, a few will likely call, or maybe even the manager of the company will want you to come once a month. Corporate Chair Massage is a great opportunity for marketing yourself and growing your clientele, so use it wisely.


Benefits For Clients:

Let’s take a look at the benefits it offers to your clients, and you might even want to dig a little bit extra on your own, come up with a brochure or hand out to give to the people you will be working (all potential clients).

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Corporate jobs, or simply a 9 to 5 life can have a devastating impact on who lives it. Stress, anxiety, and even unhappiness tend to accumulate and become massive burden on the people who suffer it. What better than a nice 20 minute session to alleviate all that?

A study published in the International Journal of Neuroscience (read here), showed that 15-minute chair massages resulted in increase relaxation, lower depression scores and an overall decrease in the job stress. And like this, there are many other studies showing that anxiety and stress are reduced by a short chair massage therapy session.


Reduce Headaches

It’s incredibly common for corporate workers to suffer from headaches at their workplace. Whether due to bad posture, tension, bad eating habits or other reasons, they are common. Solution? A good 20 to 30 minute massage.

chair massage therapy reduces headaches on corporate employees

Another study by the International Journal of Neuroscience (read here), showed that 30 minute massage sessions resulted in less pain, more headache FREE days, as well as less sleep disturbances. This leads us to the next benefit.


Improves Quality Of Sleep

The Journal of Clinical Rheumatology published the results of a study they conducted (read here), but as theirs there are others, in which they found that two thirty minute massage sessions a week, resulted in an increase in the sleep hours of the studied individuals, as well as a decrease in the sleep disturbances. And who needs more sleep than a stressed out corporate employee?


Decreases Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure is a MASSIVE problem affecting millions of Americans, especially as they age and the worse they eat. Fortunately for them, and for us who suffer it, chair massages help reduce significantly the systolic blood pressure and the diastolic blood pressure (read the study here). Other studies have even showed they reduce the heart rate.


Improves Immune System

This one is no secret for any of us MTs, but it might be for anyone who has never had a massage. A single session will boost the immune system, and regular or weekly sessions, will keep it at a strong level.

A study found that a single massage therapy session produces great biologic effects on the immune system, decreasing the deterioration of killer cell activity (read study here). So, who wouldn’t want to have better health through a nice and relaxing weekly session?


Boosts Morale And Increases Job Productivity

This is a no-brainer, as any activity that will help the employees or workers relax or receive some sort of benefit, will result in them having a better morale and working more efficiently. For corporations and big companies, it makes sense to invest in an MT, as it will increase the productivity f their workers and the overall moral of the workplace.

This study by the Holistic Nursing Practice (read here), showed how an on-site massage of just twenty minutes, boosted the job satisfaction of the employees, as well as reducing stress and more benefits.


In conclusion, if you are thinking of making the transition from being employed into going on your own, a good idea could be to start doing call-outs as a Chair Massage Therapist, or putting yourself out there, looking to offer your services to corporations, offices or any company. Won’t make you rich, but will give you steady work, money, and a clientele that can only grow!

If you are looking for a portable massage chair, please take a look at our collection here. You might be surprised and find great prices. And we offer Free Shipping on each product!


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