Breast Recess Massage Tables - Ideal For Women

Breast Recess Massage Tables - Ideal For Women has been a huge debate continuously going on about the famous “Breast Recess” for massage tables. Different MTs will say they like them, others consider them uncomfortable or even useless. Our intention here is not to present benefits or problems arising from their use. Simply, we are going to introduce three models of massage tables with breast recesses, and why we think that despite the controversy, they are actually a good choice.


Midas Girl Portable Massage Table by MT Massage

Midas Girl Portable Massage Table for Women

Let’s start with the Midas Girl, a portable massage table by MT Massage (a brand by Master Massage), which is considered literally a women’s massage table, just by the name. It comes with a Breast Recess cavity, which can be covered by a bolster of the same size and shape of the cavity, in case you want to treat male clients or prefer to simply not use it.

The Midas Girl Portable Massage Table is designed for female comfort. It is the ideal women's massage table as the table top is made of a thick foam cushion of 3 inches, and the breast recess cavity is of a comfortable size and will avoid applying pressure on women’s chests when they are in face down position.

This Midas Girl also features Reiki end panels, 5 year guarantee PU, Big Top upholstery, Rounded corners, Auto Lock hinge and a lower price than most of the tables with such features. It also comes in a professional package, which includes an ErgonomicDream adjustable face cradle, a memory foam face cushion, and a deluxe carrying case.

The dimensions of the table are very good, with a 30-inch width and an 84-inch length (including the cradle which is 11-inches). Finally, It weighs 35 pounds and supports 750 pounds of weight.


Athena Portable Massage Table by Custom Craftworks

athena portable massage table

The Athena is a bit of a higher-level massage table compared to the other two models featured in this post. It is pricier, but it is also made with better materials, a classier designed, and overall a bit more professional. It is a model that has been around for over 20 years, showing how successful it has been.

This model includes the breast recess, an innovative design specifically built for women. It comes with a recess space in the upper end of the upholstery for extra comfort for women, making it a women's portable massage table.

The Breast Recess Scapulas are 8-inches wide, 6-inches long and 2-inches deep, and with a 2-inch separation between the two. At Massage Tables Pro we have found this table to be yes, a more comfortable one as an all round, however, the scapulas can be a bit of setback. They cannot be covered, and the separation between the cavities can actually be slightly uncomfortable for some women. 

Nonetheless, this is an excellent table that will last for years.


2n1 Nirvana Massage Table

2n1 portable massage table

Similarly to the Midas Girl, the 2n1 Massage Table by Nirvana comes with a breast recess cavity that can be covered by a bolster. We find this to be the best way for MTs to be sure that if a woman decides she doesn't like the breast recess, then it can be covered and that's it, no problem whatsoever.

The table itself is what we call a bargain, the price is very good and affordable and the quality and comfort are excellent.

Nirvana has a patented design for their massage tables, which includes a Breast Recess and a Neck Contour, both providing clients with additional comfort when compared to other tables. Both designs alleviate pressure, allowing the spine to relax, the back of the clients will be looser, facilitating the processes of palpation, pressure and stretching. The pillow insert can be put in or out from the Breast Recess, depending on the client’s preferences.

Also, the 2n1 Nirvana Massage Table has recently evolved and has new features. The foam has been upgraded into a 3-layer foam system, with one firm layer and two softer ones. This gives even more comfort and contouring for clients’ optimal positioning. The Face Cushion is now made from soft, molded foam expertly contoured for maximum comfort and improved airflow. 


Wrapping Up

Whatever choice you make, we just want to remind you that despite the controversy behind women's massage tables, many of our customers not only like them, but have given us excellent feedback. This proves that if you are in the market for one of these, then don't think too much about it and buy one. In the end, two of them come with the bolster or pillow to cover the cavity and that way if your clients are not comfortable with it, you cover it and it will be fine.

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