Benefits Of Having A Carrying Case For Portable Massage Tables

Benefits Of Having A Carrying Case For Portable Massage Tables

Portable massage tables have become an easier, less expensive and more practical way for massage therapists and even massage studios to offer their services. A portable table will allow the therapist to make a smaller investment that enables him or her to even move around going to clients’ houses, or practicing in different studios. The best thing is that nowadays some brands of tables, such as Custom Craftworks, Earthlite, or Nirvana, have excellent models that will likely last for years. So why not?

Well, the only issue seems to be the hassle of having to fold it, store it, or carry it from a place to another. Some tables are particularly lightweight, such as the New Wave Lite by Pisces (you can buy it here), which weigh less than 25 lbs. However, others can weigh up to 40 lbs, and that’s a bit too much for some MTs.

That’s where carrying cases come into play. A carrying case, a good one, will have not only a comfortable plastic handle that will not damage anyone’s hands, but will have shoulder straps and sometimes even cross straps so that the task of carrying a table becomes easier and even effortless.

Not only that, but as obvious as it may sound, a carrying case will protect the table. Models of carrying cases, such as this one by MT Massage (view image below), are strong enough so that any bump will not ever damage the table. Sometimes you can even store things on top of the case, and it will hold.

MT Massage 30 inch carrying case for portable massage table


Carrying Cases Protect Portable Massage Tables

Did you know that according to studies, you could be exposed to up to 600 grams of dust everyday? That means that your table, if not stored properly, will be exposed to dust and other particles, which can get in the hinges and start causing trouble. Also, if you are a therapist working in coastal areas, it won’t be a surprise to see how easily metals rust. It applies to aluminum tables or to the hinges, they rust. Solution? Besides continuously cleaning the table, storing it inside a good carrying case.

That way the dust and other particles won’t get in there, as well as the chances of anything rusting will be reduced.

Hence why carrying cases become fundamental for protection purposes of all the portable massage tables. Some therapists will say it is a hassle to fold the table every day and then store it inside the case, others will say that maybe they don’t have time to store it in the case, because they can just fold it and grab the already built in handles and move it to wherever they are going.

The truth is, that there will always be time if you plan ahead, and it can be laziness that’s stopping a therapist from storing the table. If he or she really wants a portable massage table to last, caring about it will be key, and a carrying case is an important component in that.


A Carrying Case Can Benefit The Physical Health Of An MT

Now, looking towards the health of the MTs, the shoulder straps and cross straps become fundamental. A shoulder strap will enable the MT to carry the table with better-distributed weight. It can be a cross strap that distributes the weight more evenly across the shoulder, arm, and upper back and chest. Instead, just holding it by the handles creates an imbalance, and normally can cause injuries in shoulders and arms.

Other carrying cases, for example this one by Master Massage, come with integrated wheels. That makes transportation a breeze if the floors are good enough. You need to free some space in the studio? Just fold the table, store it in the case, and roll it into a corner, all in a matter of minutes and without any physical effort or risk.


Let's Wrap It Up

The benefits of carrying cases are very straightforward and obvious, but sometimes therapists forget them. They are a key component in the industry, for the care of the tables and the therapists themselves. A good carrying case will protect for years, will last long, and will protect the table from bumps, dust, scratches, water, liquids and more. It will also facilitate the task of transporting or moving the table around.

So don’t hesitate and buy a good carrying case, as they make all the difference in the world.

If you are interested, follow this link to see our carrying case collection.

Otherwise, we recommend some particular models. If you have a Custom Craftworks table, you can buy this carrying case here. If you won a Pisces Pro table, we highly recommend their case, which is big, comfortable and durable. You can buy it here. Or for other tables and brands, we recommend this carrying case, which is universal.

If you have any questions, please email us at, or call us at 888-308-4118.

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