Achieving The Right Position For Clients During Massage Therapy

Achieving The Right Position For Clients During Massage Therapy

“Peak Positioning” is a program that Nirvana Massage has designed to help MTs and other practitioners of the massage and wellness industry, find the adequate positioning for their clients. They ultimate goal is to offer much better sessions and results for the clients.

Peak Positioning is defined by three key aspects:

  1. Better ergonomics for client and practitioner 
  1. Enhanced relaxation and body awareness for the client
  1. Shorter treatment time to achieve goals

In a series of videos, which you can watch HERE, the experts from Nirvana Massage explain, step-by-step what are the ways to achieve the Peak Positioning. The scope of this blog post is to help Massage Therapists learn more about the correct ways of achieving better positioning, as well as learning how their massage tables, massage bolsters or other massage accessories can help them offer a much better session.

In Peak Positioning the correct positioning is key, especially if you are going to follow the steps to apply it for the four treatment positions:

  1. Supine
  2. Side
  3. ¾ Prone
  4. Prone

In order to do such, we recommend the use of some particular accessories. First of all, massage bolsters, in particular the Nirvana Massage Body Wedges will offer you a great advantage. Add to them leg bolsters, as well as other circular, or semi-circular massage bolsters.

nirvana massage body wedges triangle bolsters

The massage table is another important feature not to be overlooked. You will want a sturdy, stable and wide enough massage bed as to better position the clients during the massage session.

Good options include the Dharma Super Lite by Nirvana, the 2n1 Massage Table Package or the Zen. Or if you are in the market for stationary and electric massage tables, the Nirvana Electric and the Nirvana Salon Top, are even better options. All of the, are available for sale online at Massage Tables Pro, with Free Shipping included. 


Postural Analysis Before Massage Therapy

Before getting into details about how to apply the right positioning for clients in Supine, we most undergo a short postural analysis.

It is important for the MTs to remember that for peak positioning to be effective, there is no need to try and fix or force anything, but observe each client individually and then apply the right movements and postural variations.

For example, it is important to remember the actual anatomy of a human foot, look at the position, tracking and symmetry of the feet as to adjust them to the posture of the client.

During pronation, roll in the feet in relation to the legs. During supination, do an outward rolling. The right tracking includes out toeing, or in toeing depending on the therapy that will be applied in that given moment.

When watching the symmetry, take a close look at the differences and variations in each foot, as well as the pelvic postural variations, as the whole body needs to follow the symmetry.

Other things to watch closely include the Anterior Pelvic Tilt (when a pelvis rotates forward), the Posterior Pelvic Tilt (flat back), the Lateral pelvic Tilt (when one side is higher tan the other), and the Pelvic Rotation (left or right forward rotation).


Peak Positioning Supine

Time to take a look at the first of the four key positions that Peak Positioning involves. You can watch the whole video below, as well as finishing this short read.

Begin with the basics, having a good communication with your client before, during and after the massage therapy.

Make sure that at all times the client has the correct and proper support, as well as alignment of their body. That’s when you want to use correctly the massage bolsters, as well as having a stable massage table. 

Apply the correct massage therapy protocol, meaning that a series of gentle and precise techniques should be performed in a specific sequence before the treatment begins. If applied correctly, the protocol will prove treatment outcomes by properly supporting and encouraging better alignment of the body, as well as an increasing relaxation. 

Proceed to check for areas of tension in the lumbar region of the body, do so by palpating it gently. You can also rock the hip slightly, as to check again for areas of tension or tightness. 

supine peak position massage therapy

The supine position is usually one of the most comfortable ones for clients during therapies, but if they are uncomfortable, then it’s likely that they are suffering from tight hip flexor muscles. 

That’s when the Nirvana Body Wedges will come in handy, as they can be placed under the clients’ hips as to relieve pressure in the hips and flexor muscles, as well as the lumbar region. If you then place another round bolster below the knees, you can do some gentle rotations to the hip, and tractions to the knees. 

During the supine, lift the knee, check for the rotation of the hip, the traction of the knee and the correct positioning of the client on the massage table. Then, another good way to add stability and support, is to place the clients’ leg in neutral position, and put another body wedge in the inside face of the legs.

Then, always in supine, check the rotation of the neck, and finish by gently adding pressure to the shoulders.

The advantage of using any of the Nirvana portable massage tables (or even the stationary ones), is that you will have a great access to the neck and back, either by removing the breast recess feature that some of the tables already include, or by using the Nirvana Mate.

You will see how handy it is, for both male and female clients, to use the Nirvana Mate or breast recess feature, and the big improvements it’ll have on each and every session you perform. 

In the next blog post, we will be further discussing about side, and prone positions.


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