5 Massage Tables You Might Want To Buy For Christmas

5 Massage Tables You Might Want To Buy For Christmas

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We know Christmas is literally around the corner, less than one week away. You may have already bought all of the items you wanted, all of your presents for yourself and loved ones.

But maybe, just maybe, you haven’t yet. Maybe you have still some money and time, and you really want to upgrade your practice, or treat your clients better with a new massage table for next year.

What a better time than before Christmas to get this desired massage table?

Well, here we want to give you five great options!


nirvana salon top electric massage table

The Salon Top Stationary Electric Massage Table by Nirvana is their higher-end product, specifically designed for salons, spas, or higher-end massage studios. Guess what? We have ONE left ins tock and it is $200 Off the original price, and with the Free Shipping, this is a perfect massage table Christmas gift.

The backrest and knee rest are spa quality, which allow you to comfortably adjust customers positions on the table, for them to enjoy different therapies or types of massages. Just use the foot pedal to activate the electric lift motor to adjust height and the different rests.

This table also includes the patented Nirvana Features, both the Breast Recess and the Neck Contour. The Breast Recess was designed for women, but it also works with men. What it does is that during face down massages, it has a space to relieve pressure from the chest, allowing the upper and lower back to relieve tension and relax the muscles, easing your job. The Neck Contour is ideal for neck massages. If you want, you can place the pillow in the Breast Recess for better face up massages. We include Free Shipping!


Another excellent option, due to the incredibly affordable price (have a last minute buy in mind?), but also because of the outstanding quality this table offers.

The MT Executive Comfort Stationary Massage Table is a great item for any spa or salon, the ideal spa bed that can handle heavier clients, multiple therapies and different treatments, but it will always remain sturdy, steady and durable.

Not only that, but this is a wooden frame bed, that comes in a package for the same price that includes an adjustable Face Cradle and the extremely comfortable Ultra Plus Face Pillow. Add to that our favorite feature: the wooden base is actually a cabinet, where you can store creams, oils, towels or any other tools you need during your sessions.

This is also a fairly lightweight massage table, although it is a stationary massage table, it weighs only 100 lbs, but it can support up to 1000 lbs of weight. It is 30-inches wide, which gives good room to work on the clients.


One of our best sellers, because the price is excellent and we have it discounted. The Laguna is an all time favorite for MTs looking to keep their expenses reasonable and wise. Get quality without having to break the bank.

The Laguna Stationary Massage Table by Master Massage is not only a comfortable and very functional spa massage bed, but it's one of the most luxurious designs. A lot of spas, salons, clinics and even resorts, buy it because of it's classy look and modern design.

However, it's not all just looks. It only weighs 75 lbs, but supports a weight of up to 1,000 labs. Now that's heavy duty. And that's the reason why all over America, sports therapists, massage therapists, chiropractors, reflexologists and tattoo artists buy it. It suits everyone, and it can comfortable accomodate even the heaviest clients.


It's winter time, we get it, it's cold and most of your clients might want the Therma Top feature. These series by Master Massage are some of the best sellers nationwide. In our case, we recommend the Phoenix, due to the discounted price, but also, because the color of the upholstery (not to mention the quality), is outstanding.

The Master Massage Santana Therma Top Portable Massage Table is a larger ThermaTop model, with a 31-inch width for better comfort and a wider range of therapies. From bodywork, or traditional massage to intense physical therapy. It's fully loaded with Built-in ThermaTop, Reiki end panels, memory foam, shiatsu cable release and 5 year guarantee PU upholstery.

Not only, but it comes with a 3inch thick Multi-Layer Small Cell foam which a layer of memory foam in the table top, which will make this table probably one of the most comfortable ones for sale in the market. Clients can soothe their muscles, sink their bodies in the memory foam and easily change positions in the extra wide top.


Last but not least, one of our favorites. Why? Well, first because of the extra width, but also because of the gorgeous and very original colors. We get it, these are not for everyone, but, for the MTs that like diversity, this model offers the colors they might have been looking for!

Master Massage is known for making some of the best and most durable portable massage tables in USA. The Montclair has been one of their most famous models, but it came only in Black.

It has been a while that customers have requested livelier colors, and so they came up with a new Extra-Wide 31-inch Montclair table in 4 new colors: Crystal Rose, Imperial Blue, Royal Blue and Snow White.

These new colors are a big hit amongst MTs. They like the vividness and originality of these colors. No other brand has such originality.

As to the table it is full luxury, with Memory Foam pillow, which is adjustable, an oversized armrest, Reiki leg panels, Shiatsu cale release to set it on the floor, sturdy and strong legs that can hold up to 750 lbs, and the table weighs only 36 lbs.

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