5 Excellent Massage Tables You Can Buy On This 2018 Black Friday

5 Excellent Massage Tables You Can Buy On This 2018 Black Friday

calypso portable massage table with black friday discount

Black Friday and Cyber Monday is one of the biggest weekends or occasions of the year. People all around America, and now even worldwide, take advantage of the fantastic deals they find to buy either Christmas presents or items they need.

As expected, massage tables, equipment and accessories are some of the things people like to buy, especially if they find juicy discounts. Therapists and spa owners themselves, know it is also an excellent opportunity to add what is missing in their business, or upgrade and improve their therapies with newer or better items.

The thing is, that it is very common to get confused or overwhelmed with the great supply of products, brands and offers at discounted prices.

That is why we came with this simple article, to show you 2 excellent massage tables you can buy on this special weekend.


Dharma Super Lite Portable Massage Table by Nirvana

nirvana dharma super lite

If you are looking for a lightweight, but strong and durable massage table at an excellent price, this is the best choice.

The Dharma Super Lite is literally the lightest portable table out there, weighing only 23.5 lbs, but being able to support over 450 lbs. It is one of the highest quality massage tables out there too, with an aluminum frame, pu leather upholstery with a 5 year warranty, and materials that will last for years.

That are however just some of the features. The reason why it is so special is that it comes in a package with a Breast Recess (the Nirvana Mate), a carrying case and a face cradle. 

This table is one of the comfiest, easiest to carry around, and more stable you will find. Other therapists highly recommend it, and so do we, not for nothing is it one of our best selling.


Harvey Tilt Stationary Massage Table by MT Massage

harvey tilt staitonary massahe table

MT Massage is a brand of tables that belongs to Master Massage. Maybe it hasn’t yet become famous, but it has the same standards and excellent quality that Master Massage offers. On top of that, it offers the possibility of getting a stationary table, with an adjustable back, for an affordable price. Master Massage never overcharges, and they might not be luxurious, but they do deliver quality and comfort.

The Harvey Tilt is a manually adjustable spa table, where the back can be lifted to accommodate clients into better and more comfortable positions. This will allow you to use the table for massage therapies, as well as other clinical uses, and even facials, reflexology, or why not, tattoos if you are a tattoo artist.

This stationary massage bed comes with an Interlock leg extension system, which gives you stability, strength and sturdiness. As a matter of fact, this table can support up to 1000 lbs of weight, despite weighing only 84 lbs. 


Calypso Portable Massage Table by Master Massage

 calypso portable massage table by master massage

The Calypso is a very similar model to the Dharma, actually we had even written a piece to compare the two. It is an excellent and incredibly lightweight table, weighing only 25 lbs but capable of supoortng up to 750 lbs. The impressive thing is how sturdy and stable it is. This table has an aluminum frame that literally will not move, shake or squeak even with the heaviest clients or the deep tissue massages.

Add to that the quality of the upholstery, a 3 inch thick foam on the table top, and how easy it is to handle, and we are not surprised why it is one of the preferred models by therapists.


Ocili Stationary Electric Spa Bed by USA Salon & Spa

 ocili electric spa bed

Expensive? Yes. Luxurious and high-end? Yes.

This table is the dream of most high-end spas in the country.

But, what makes this bed so special? The USA Salon and Spa Ocili Stationary Massage Table is a single panel bed with a five motor system that adjusts the height, backrest, center, and dual bed inclinations. Honestly, this electric table is innovative, modern and very practical. It can serve either as a bed, or adjust into different positions for great massage therapy sessions, or simply for other sorts of therapies to suit any customer's preferences. 

However, the best thing is how comfortable it is. First, handling it is a breeze for any therapist or professional. Then, lying on it is sensational. The leather upholstery is of the highest quality, it comes with a thick foam tabletop, where the moment a client lies on top of it, he or she will feel like on top of a cloud. It is soft, but strong and stable. Literally a dream.


Gibraltar Portable Massage Table by Master Massage

 gibraltar massage table by master massage

The Gibraltar is one of the strongest portable massage tables in the whole market. With a stylish and frankly elegant wooden frame, this table is capable of holding a weight of 3200 lbs. One of the most heavy duty tables out there for those therapists that engage with heavy clients or perform treatments and therapies that require a lot of pressure.

It has an auto-lock leg system that adds safety and sturdiness, that the table already includes per-se.

It has a 3-inch thick foam table top, protected by a classy and smooth black leather upholstery. As to the table, it is 32 inches wide and weighs 40 lbs, so more than being a table for outcalls, it is ideal to keep in a workplace and use it there. 

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