3/4 Prone Position During Massage Therapy - Achieve The Right One

3/4 Prone Position During Massage Therapy - Achieve The Right One

We have been writing blog posts about Peak Positioning: a program that Nirvana Massage has designed to help MTs and other practitioners of the massage and wellness industry, find the adequate positioning for their clients. The ultimate goal is to offer much better sessions and results for the clients.

Peak Positioning is defined by three key aspects:

  1. Better ergonomics for client and practitioner
  1. Enhanced relaxation and body awareness for the client 
  1. Shorter treatment time to achieve goals

There are many videos, which you can watch HERE, and in which you can follow the guidelines to better understand this practice, as well as improve your massage techniques, and overall the wellness of your guests during and after every session.

The 3/4 prone is the third out of the 4 positions that we will cover for Peak Positioning.

3/4 Prone Position During Therapy

The 3/4 Prone Position is an excellent one for your guests. The way to start doing it is by making sure the guest's shoulder is back and the arm is behind them.

Being such a natural position, it is very relaxing for any guest, making it an ideal one to practice during all sorts of sessions.

The other arm, should be placed sideways. Also, you must make sure that the spine is in a neutral and straight position.

Always remember that Peak Positioning is all about ergonomics, making sure the clients are comfortable and they are receiving treatment in a positioning in which they are not in pain or discomfort.

It is key to understand that whilst the client is on 3/4 prone, there is no pressure on the soft tissues.

After you have accommodated them in the adequate position, start by applying a little bit of pressure in the back.

Then, proceed to stretch inside leg, which you will find is extremely easy to access, thanks again to the way in which the client is positioned.

It is a good idea to support the foot with a pillow or a bolster, making sure of course it is properly positioned. The support will also help neutralize the spine and the whole body, making sure once again you are achieving the right 3/4 prone position according to the protocol. 

Finally, as stated in other articles, it is always a good idea to have the right massage equipment as to practice the Peak Positioning in the best possible way for yourself and your client.

That also involves having the right massage table.

We offer two excellent options of portable massage tables:

For any more information, take a look at the video below, it'll give a more graphic description of what peak positioning is and how to tackle it during every session.

If you still have any questions, please email us at:, or simply leave them in the comment section below!

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